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Cadets Sidney and Steven Hindery 1954/55-1970

Context Shared by Randy Downs  Their dad (otherwise known as sob) was a senior engineer at NASA and had gotten laid off. They were in their room, changing into “civies” when sob burst in and shot Steve, Sid dove out of the window and sob shot him as well, then went downstairs and called the police, told them what he had done and killed himself while he was on the phone. My father, also killed himself but at least he had the decency to start with himself rather than 2 great guys, that NOBODY ever said a bad word about! I remember Sid was a wrestler, and the following parade was the first time I saw humanity in Col. Scott-he could not hold it together. I always feared him and disliked him, but that day Scott was one of us! BTW Seeing Roy today brought back a lot of memories, that sunuvabitch STILL looks great!


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  1. Tim McDonald permalink

    I remember coming back from a weekend or perhaps some holiday off time and hearing about this tragedy in the barracks on maybe on the Rotunda. It seems to be affecting me more today as I write this then in 1970. They were both good human beings and didn’t deserve to not have a life. So sad. “Mac”

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