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 I would like to give a special thanks to the following Cadets & Faculty for having the courage to let me use their Yearbooks for this project.  It is because of these Cadets & Faculty that has made this project a reality. 

  • Robert Casdia                ’55 (Finished) ’56-’57-’58
  • Arnold May                    ’60 (Finished)  & ’61 (Finished)
  •                                                ’62
  •                                                ’63
  • Coach Roy Scott            ’65 & ’66
  • Sherryl King Moody    ’72  (Finished)
  • Ken Machol                      ’73   (Finished)
  • Lazaro Balseiro              ’74

I am still looking for the following yearbooks to complete this project.

  • 1959 & 1964

'55 Recall '56 Recall '57 Recall '58 Recall'60 Recall'61 Recall

  1. Bruce Moore permalink

    looking for the year book for 1970 with all the cadets

    • Hi Bruce,

      In time I will get to ’70. It takes a lot of my time to scan each picture and page of a yearbook. I’ve completed four yearbooks to date; ’55, ’60, 72, and ’73.

      Take care.

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